Fan Maintenance and Installation

Commercial kitchen exhaust fans are a vital part of your ventilation system. They remove odors and improve indoor air quality. Commercial kitchen fans also remove moisture, which can increase the level of humidity. High humidity can cause mold, mildew and bacteria growth which can ultimately result in major health code violations.

Exhaust Fan Hinge


Why are Exhaust Fan Hinge kits necesary?

  • To protect fan wiring.  Exhaust fan wiring is stretched when taking the fan off the stack and placing on the roof.
  • To prevent damage to the roof.  Roof damage, and leaks, can be caused by placing the exhaust fan on it during cleaning and maintenance.
  • To protect the exhaust fan.  Over time, damage can occur to the exhaust fan by repeatedly removing it from the stack and placing it on its side.
  • Its the law!  NFPA 96 Code states: “Approved Up-blast Fans with motors surrounded by the air stream shall be hinged, supplied with flexible weather proof electrical cable and service hold-open retainers, and listed for this use.”



Exhaust Fan Motor and Belt Replacement

fan belt2

Bearing change outs, motor replacement, fan belt replacement or a full fan replacement. We offer turnkey solutions to get your kitchen exhaust fan up and running again.

fan belt

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