Access Panels

NFPA 96 requires access panels on duct at every change of direction and every 12 feet of length. These panels allow our technicians to completely clean the system eliminating “if we can’t see it , we can’t clean it” areas of the duct.

An access panel assembly for providing access to a duct through an opening in the duct. The access panel assembly comprises a sealing member, a cover member and fasteners. The sealing member fits around the opening in the duct and the cover member fits over the sealing member and coupled to the duct by the fasteners. The cover member may comprise a fire resistant panel and is formable to the shape of the duct thereby allowing the access panel assembly to be fitted to irregular shaped ducts or openings in the ducts. The access panel assembly allows easy and ready access to the interior of ducts or other air handling equipment to permit the inspection and cleansing of the interior surfaces and other interior components of any contaminants.

accesspanel 450x250

Exhaust fan clean out ports are also required by code. These ports are mini access panels which allow complete inspection and cleaning of the exhaust fan. Fan access panels (clean out ports) allow our technicians to clean the back side of the fan blades. Not having the clean out ports can result in grease build-up on the blades which can cause the fan to become off-balance, vibrate and noisy. This vibration will prematurely wear out the fan bearings and belts.

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