Top to Bottom approach

The cooking area of your kitchen is actually a complex, calibrated system where all parts are dependent on one another.  We use the top to bottom approach to ensure that all the “parts” of this machine are cleaned and operating properly.


  • Fans are opened and cleaned on the inside and out
  • The rooftop directly surrounding the fan is cleaned to ensure grease removed from the fans is not left on the roof
  • Cover appliances and surrounding areas of the hood in plastic to protect from water, grease and debris extracted during the cleaning process and to ensure the flow is to designated containers and drains
  • Clean fire suppression links, pipes and nozzles
  • Clean entire exhaust hood and polish exposed stainless steel in hood interior
  • All accessible areas of the duct are cleaned from the roof down and from the hood up
  • Auxiliary equipment wipe down
  • Clean all filters
  • Floor clean-up
  • Placement of certification stickers on newly cleaned hood
  • Digital before and after photos
  • Detailed service report

The Fan

thefan A properly maintained fan is essential for pulling smoke and fumes out of the exhaust.  Over time grease can build up on the blades putting the motor in a bind and decreasing the life of the motor.  The buildup can also block the ventilation area causing smoke to push back into your kitchen.

We perform a quality inspection on the exhaust fan prior to cleaning the internal and external components;  this inspection includes the motor, bearings, conduit, fan blades, curb, grease container and belt.



The Exhaust Duct

wip45It is crucial that the exhaust duct  is cleaned to bare metal and all areas of the duct are accessible.  Exhaust fan clean out ports are also required by code. These ports are access panels which allow complete inspection and cleaning of the exhaust system.

We perform a quality inspection on the exhaust duct during our cleaning process;  this inspection includes identifying any leaks in duct, access panels present and spacing, issues with build-up at bends, fire-wrap protection, obstructions within the stack.




The Hood

wip20Consistent maintenance of the kitchen hood exhaust system in your restaurant or facility remains one of the primary defenses against fire hazards.

We perform a quality inspection on the hood prior to and after cleaning;  this inspection includes electrical functionality (on/off switches and lighting), ansul system inspection, filtering, and makeup air circulation.